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TitlePaleozoic tectonostratigraphy of the northern Stevenson Ridge area, Yukon
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorRyan, J J; Zagorevski, AORCID logo; Roots, C F; Joyce, NORCID logo
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Current Research (Online) no. 2014-4, 2014, 16 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediaon-line; digital
File formatpdf
NTS115I/03; 115I/04; 115I/05; 115I/06; 115I/11; 115I/12; 115I/13; 115I/14; 115J; 115K/01; 115K/02; 115K/07; 115K/08; 115K/09; 115K/10; 115K/15; 115K/16; 115O/01; 115O/02; 115O/03; 115O/04; 115O/07; 115O/08; 115P/03; 115P/04; 115P/05; 115P/06
AreaStevenson Ridge
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -137.0000 63.5000 62.0000
Subjectstectonics; stratigraphy; tectonostratigraphic zones; metamorphic rocks; schists; ultramafic rocks; orthogneisses; dunites; gabbros; tectonic interpretations; tectonic environments; tectonic evolution; tectonic history; Yukon-Tanana terrane; Snowcap assemblage; Mississippian Simpson Range suite; Finlayson assemblage; Klondike schist; Sulphur Creek plutonic suite; Klondike assemblage; White River assemblage; Snag Creek gabbro suite; Paleozoic; Permian; Devonian; Mississippian; Mesozoic; Triassic; Cretaceous
Illustrationslocation maps; photographs; schematic diagrams
ProgramGEM: Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Multiple Metals - NW Canadian Cordillera (Yukon, B.C.)
Released2014 08 01
AbstractThe northern Stevenson Ridge map area is underlain by Paleozoic to Paleogene rocks that locally host Au and Cu-Au mineralization. The northern side of the Dawson Range is characterized by Paleozoic rocks typical of the Yukon-Tanana terrane, including the pre-Devonian Snowcap assemblage, Mississippian Simpson Range suite and Finlayson assemblage, and the Permian Klondike schist and Sulphur Creek plutonic suite of the Klondike assemblage. The Mississippian stratigraphy is intruded by the Triassic Pyroxene Mountain suite and the Early Jurassic Aishihik suite. Late Devonian metamorphosed volcanic, plutonic and sedimentary rocks of the White River assemblage and the Late Triassic Snag Creek gabbro suite occur southwest of the Dawson Range. These rocks are structurally overlain by a thrust sheet of the Early Permian ophiolitic Harzburgite Peak complex. The White River assemblage and the Yukon-Tanana terrane are juxtaposed along the post-Triassic Moose Creek fault, which is partly demarcated by lozenges of peridotite, indicating that it is a fundamental crustal fault. Other major post-Triassic faults imbricate the Yukon-Tanana terrane tectonostratigraphy, and determine the map pattern. These faults likely acted as conduits for Mesozoic fluids and magmatism and have been reactivated throughout the Cordilleran orogenesis. Late Cretaceous and younger faults throughout the area have only modest offsets.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
This article describes the middle to late Paleozoic (ca. 400 to 260 Ma) geology of northern Stevenson Ridge area of western Yukon, in support of 2 maps published in 2013. The map area includes the Dawson Range mountains, which consist mainly of the middle Cretaceous (ca. 100 Ma) Whitehorse plutonic suite. The northern part of the map is underlain by rocks of the Yukon-Tanana terrane (Snowcap assemblage, Simpson Range, Finlayson assemblage, Klondike assemblage). The geology south of the Whitehorse suite mainly comprises the White River assemblage, made up of Late Devonian metamorphosed volcanic, plutonic and sedimentary rocks of the Late Triassic Snag Creek gabbro suite. Yukon Tanana terrane and the White River assemblage are distinct tectonic domains that are imbricated by a fundamental crustal structure (the Moose Creek fault) which may have guided post-Jurassic magmatism and mineralization in the area.

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