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TitleA map and summary database of permafrost temperatures in Nunavut, Canada
AuthorSmith, S L; Riseborough, D W; Ednie, M; Chartrand, J
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 7393, 2013, 20 pages, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Mediaon-line; digital
File formatreadme
File formatpdf; rtf; xls
NTS25A; 25B; 25C/08; 25C/09; 25H; 25I; 25J; 25K; 25L; 25M; 25N; 25O; 25P; 26; 27; 35L; 35M; 35N; 35O; 35P; 36; 37; 38; 39; 44P; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 55; 56; 57; 58; 59; 65A; 65B; 65C; 65F; 65G; 65H; 65I; 65J; 65K; 65N; 65O; 65P; 66; 67; 68; 69; 76; 77; 78; 79; 86H; 86I; 86J; 86K/16; 86M; 86N; 86O; 86P; 87A; 87B; 87C; 87D; 97A/01; 97A/08; 97A/09; 97A/16; 97D/01; 97D/08; 97D/09; 97D/16; 120; 340; 560
AreaArctic Canada; Queen Elizabeth Islands; Ellesmere Island; Banks Island; Victoria Island; Baffin Island; Melville Island; Prince of Wales Island; Melville Peninsula; South Hampton Island; Alert; Eureka; Gemini; Pat Bay; ARctic BAy; Igloolik; Clyde River; Taloyoak; Resolute Bay; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Kugaaruk; Iqaluit; Bylot Island; Baker lake; Hope Bay
Lat/Long WENS-120.5000 -56.0000 84.0000 59.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; permafrost; freezing ground; ground ice; ground temperatures; thermal regimes; terrain types; terrain sensitivity; Innuitian Orogen; Churchill Province; Slave Province; Rae Domain; Hearn Domain; Bear Province; Doris Mine; High Lake Mine; Jericho Mine; Meadowbank Mine; Mary River Mine; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; tables; graphs; histograms
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Programenvironmental impacts and adaptation in the northern environment, Environmental Geoscience
Released2013 06 07
AbstractA summary database and map of recent permafrost temperatures is provided for Nunavut Canada. The database includes publicly available information from over 100 boreholes. About 20% of these boreholes are active permafrost thermal monitoring sites maintained by the Geological Survey of Canada and various partners (academic, community, government). Almost 80% of the boreholes were drilled as part of geotechnical investigation programs to support mineral resource development. Most of the ground temperature data provided are based on measurements made since 2000. The map and database provide regional information on permafrost thermal state that can be incorporated into territorial state of knowledge reports and support engineering design and environmental assessment for resource development projects in Nunavut.
Summary(Plain Language Summary, not published)
Permafrost is an important component of the Nunavut landscape influencing ecosystems and hydrological systems. Permafrost and the ground ice it contains also presents a challenge to resource development and engineering design. A summary of recent information on permafrost temperatures is provided for Nunavut. Permafrost is identified as a valued ecosystem component (VEC) under the Nunavut General Monitoring Program and guidelines for environmental assessment. This report provides regional permafrost information that can be utilized in Nunavut¿s state of knowledge reports for VECs and also supports infrastructure design, environmental assessment and decisions regarding northern development to ensure environmental effects are minimized.