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TitleRecharge assessment from daily soil moisture balance and well hydrographs for the Portneuf unconfined aquifers
AuthorLefebvre, R; Maltais, I; Paradis, D; Michaud, Y
SourceProceedings of Geohydro 2011; 2011 p. 1-8
LinksOnline - En ligne (Full program/Programme complet, PDF 150 MB)
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20110245
MeetingGeohydro 2011; Québec; CA; August 28-31, 2011
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
NTS21L/13; 31I/16
Lat/Long WENS-72.2833 -71.8333 47.6000 47.0500
Subjectshydrogeology; aquifers; groundwater; groundwater circulation; groundwater resources; groundwater discharge; groundwater regimes; recharge rates
Illustrationslocation maps; plots; tables; histograms
ProgramGroundwater Geoscience, Aquifer Assessment & support to mapping
AbstractA recharge assessment method combining daily soil moisture balance and well hydrographs was adapted. Its applicability to Canadian climatic conditions was tested in the Portneuf deltaic sand unconfined aquifers, where well hydrographs have been recorded at four sites for more than 10 years. Recharge from soil moisture balance is converted to changes in groundwater level using specific yield Sy and hydrograph recessions are considered, thus providing a synthetic groundwater level. Adjustments of hydrologic parameters allow the match of synthetic water level to well hydrographs. This approach efficiently provides representative recharge estimates for unconfined aquifers.