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TitleBuried valley imaging using AEM surveys, electrical resistivity and 3-C seismic reflection
AuthorOldenborger, G A; Pugin, A J -M; Pullan, S E
SourceGeoHydro Proceedings Papers 2011, 2011 p. 1-6
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20110082
MeetingGeohydro 2011, joint meeting of the Canadian Quaternary Association and the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists; Quebec City; CA; August 28-31, 2011
NTS62G/03; 62G/04; 62G/05; 62G/06
Areasouthern Manitoba
Lat/Long WENS-100.0000 -99.0000 49.5000 49.0000
Subjectsgeophysics; buried valleys; electrical resistivity; resistivity surveys; resistivity interpretations; seismic reflection surveys; geophysical surveys
Illustrationslocation maps; seismic sections; photographs
ProgramAquifer Assessment & support to mapping, Groundwater Geoscience
LinksOnline - En ligne (Full program/Programme complet, PDF 150 MB)
AbstractThe Geological Survey of Canada has conducted an airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey (AeroTEM III) and follow up ground based, multi-electrode electrical resistivity and high-resolution seismic reflection surveys over the southern portion of the Spiritwood valley in southwestern Manitoba. The combined data provide exceptional 3-D coverage which have highlighted key hydrological features such as a complex system of buried channel aquifers and potential sub-surface hydraulic pathways or connections. Such information is critical to groundwater prospecting and to the accurate assessment of recharge and discharge potentials associated with buried valley aquifers.