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TitleA "new hybrid" modeling for geometric processing of Radarsat-2 data without user's GCP
AuthorToutin, T; Omari, K
SourcePhotogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing vol. 77, no. 6, 2011 p. 601-608, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20110022
PublisherAmerican Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Subjectsgeophysics; remote sensing; geometric analyses; models; modelling; Radarsat-2
Illustrationsphotographs; plots; satellite images
ProgramTopographic Mapping
Released2011 06 01
AbstractThe objective of the research study is to use the synergy of 3D empirical (Rational Function Model (RFM) and physical (Toutin's) geometric models to develop a "new hybrid" model for the geometric processing of Radarsat-2 data without collecting ground control point (GCP). After independently evaluating the processing and the accuracy of each model using accurate differential GPS points, RFM was thus used to generate few "virtual" RFM points at the highest elevation of the study site. In addition to information of the metadata, these "virtual" points were input as GCPs in Toutin's model. This “new hybrid model consistently achieved pixel accuracy, with better results for steep looking angles than the two other models. Its main advantage was, in addition, to be used without collecting GCP, increasing the applicability of Radarsat-2 data in remote areas.

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