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TitleRetrogression rate of thaw slumps in permafrost - an update from the latest monitoring data
AuthorWang, B
SourceProceedings of the 2011 Pan-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference; 2011 p. 1-8
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20100500
Meeting2011 Pan-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference; Toronto; CA; October 2-6, 2011
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceNorthwest Territories
NTS107B; 107C
AreaMackenzie Valley; Mackenzie River
Lat/Long WENS-136.5000 -133.0000 69.7500 67.9667
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; permafrost; freezing ground; ground ice; ground temperatures; slumps; slump structures; scarps; Cenozoic
Illustrationslocation maps; tables; plots; cross-sections
ProgramNorthern Pipelines, Environmental Geoscience
LinksOnline - En ligne
AbstractThis paper provides an update on the latest monitoring results of retrogression rates of 18 thaw slumps in the Mackenzie valley, Northwest Territories, Canada. The thaw slumps were monitored from 2007 to 2009. The first year monitoring data was published when the data became available, which demonstrated a relationship between thaw slump retrogression rate and scarp wall height. The additional two years data enhanced the initial findings that the retrogression rate of the thaw slumps increases with increase in height of the scarp wall. An updated correlation between the retrogression rate and scarp wall height is presented. The effect of slope orientation on thaw slump retrogression was further verified. The data continue to confirm that the thaw slumps have no preference over slope orientation.