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TitleTectonic map of the Canadian Shield
AuthorStockwell, C H
Source 1964, 1 sheet
PublisherGeological Survey of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
Documentunpublished manuscript
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, tectonic, 1:3,456,000
RelatedThis publication is related to Tectonic Map of Can Committee; (1965). Tectonic map of the Canadian Shield, Geological Survey of Canada, Preliminary Map no. 4-1965
NTS12J; 12K; 12L; 12M; 12N; 12O; 12P; 3; 13B; 13C; 22D; 22E; 22L; 22M; 22F; 22K; 22N; 22J; 22O; 22I; 22P; 31; 32; 33; 23; 34; 24; 14; 35; 41; 42A; 42B; 42C; 42E; 42F; 42G; 42H; 52; 53; 63; 54; 64; 74A; 74B; 74C; 74F; 74G; 74H; 74I; 74J; 74K; 74N; 74O; 74P; 75; 76; 86; 66; 56; 97A; 97D; 36; 26; 37; 47; 48; 38; 39; 42D
Lat/Long WENS-124.0000 -54.0000 80.0000 44.0000
Subjectstectonics; regional geology; structural geology; geophysics; gravity interpretations; bouguer anomalies; trend surface analyses; magnetic interpretations; magnetic anomalies; orogenic regions; aphebian; hadrynian; helikian; archean; neo-helikian; paleo-helikian; bedrock geology; lithology; intrusions; structural features; faults; folds; textures; schistosity; gneissosity; bedding planes; basins; peridotites; dunites; Canadian Shield; Elsonian Orogeny; Grenville Orogeny; Hudsonian Orogeny; Precambrian