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TitleInvestigation of earth conductivity influence on pipe-to-soil potentials
AuthorBoteler, D H; Trichtchenko, L; Samson, C
SourceProceedings, NACE North area 2003 Eastern Conference; 2003 p. 1-13
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20100343
MeetingNACE Northern Region, Eastern Conference; Ottawa; CA; September 15-17, 2003
NTS31B/13; 31B/14; 31E/09; 31E/15; 31E/16; 31F/01; 31F/06; 31F/07; 31F/12; 31L/01; 31L/02; 31L/03; 31L/06
AreaNorth Bay; Morrisburg
Lat/Long WENS-79.5000 -75.0000 46.5000 44.7500
Subjectsengineering geology; geophysics; pipelines; pipeline feasibility studies; conductivity; telluric field; telluric signals
Illustrationslocation maps; profiles; plots
ProgramTargeted Hazard Assessments in Northern Canada, Public Safety Geoscience
AbstractTelluric currents produce variations in pipe-to-soil potential (PSP) that interfere with the cathodic protection of pipelines. The amplitudes of these variations are observed to change from place to place and this is usually attributed to geomagnetic source effects or the pipeline structure. Here we report PSP observations from the North Bay - Morrisburg pipeline in eastern Ontario that show a peak in PSP variations near Arnprior. This cannot be explained by source effects or pipeline structure. It is shown instead that a geological boundary near Arnprior between high and low resistivity regions produces Earth potential variations in the same location as the peak in PSP observations. A plan of future work is described involving mapping of the electric fields at the Earth's surface across the geologic boundary, plus modelling of the Earth and pipeline potential variations.