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TitleAshcroft, Kamloops, Lillooet and Yale districts, British Columbia
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AuthorDuffell, S; McTaggart, K C
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map 1010A, 1951, 1 sheet,
Editionuncoloured reissue
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, 1:253,440
RelatedThis publication is related to Duffell, S; McTaggart, K C; (1951). Ashcroft, Kamloops, Lillooet and Yale districts, British Columbia, Geological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map no. 1010A
ProvinceBritish Columbia
NTS92I/03; 92I/04; 92I/05; 92I/06; 92I/11; 92I/12; 92I/13; 92I/14
AreaKamloops District; Lillooet District; Yale District; Ashcroft
Lat/Long WENS-122.0000 -121.0000 51.0000 50.0000
Subjectsregional geology; stratigraphy; structural geology; economic geology; paleontology; surficial geology/geomorphology; bedrock geology; lithology; structural features; faults; bedding planes; textures; foliation; schistosity; mining properties; antimony; chromium; copper; gold; iron; lead; molybdenum; silver; zinc; fossils; fossil distribution, geographic; glacial features; glacial striations; striae; glacial deposits; drift deposits; topography; Brew Group; Cache Creek Group; Guichon Creek Batholith; Jackass Mountain Group; Kamloops Group; Kingsvale Group; Lillooet Group; Mount Lytton Batholith; Nicola Group; Spences Bridge Group; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Tertiary; Mesozoic; Cretaceous; Jurassic; Triassic; Paleozoic; Permian
Illustrationslocation maps
Released1969 01