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TitleCharacteristics of bitumen in reservoir of Puguang and Maoba gas fields in north-eastern Sichuan Province
AuthorHu, A; Li, MORCID logo; Yang, C; Dai, J; Ma, Y; Guo, T
SourceActa Petrolei Sinica vol. 31, no. 2, 2010 p. 53-58
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20090396
Subjectsfossil fuels; hydrocarbons; hydrocarbon gases; hydrocarbon potential; gas; gas fields; bitumen; reflectance; vitrinite reflectance; reservoirs; reservoir rocks; Puguang Gas Field; Maoba Gas Field; Feixianguan-Chanxing reservoires
Illustrationslocation maps; graphs; histograms; plots
ProgramInternational Capacity Building and Trade and Investment (Program) ESS-China Hydrocarbon Geoscience Collaboration
AbstractSolid bitumens in the Feixianguan-Changxing reservoirs of the Puguang and Maoba gas fields exhibit clear heterogeneity in the optical properties, reflectance values and S/C atomic ratios, which indicate that the reservoir bitumens have only been partially affected by thermo-chemical sulfate reduction (TSR). This evidence as well as the general lack of correlation between the chemical composition and stable carbon isotopes of these gaseous alkanes and the hydrogen sulfate content in the produced gases suggests that the gaseous alkanes in the Feixianguan-Changxing reservoirs have not been severely altered by the TSR reactions. Therefore, the chemical composition and stable carbon isotopes of these gaseous alkanes may still largely show the characterisitics and thermal evolution of their source rocks. Thus, the signficant calibration on these data as suggested previously appears unnecessary, which is significant for the study of gas genesis and trapping mechanism in the Puguang and Maoba gas fields.

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