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TitleReport on a portion of the Province of Quebec comprised in the south-west sheet of the "Eastern Townships" map (Montreal sheet) with a chapter on the Laurentian north of the St. lawrence River
AuthorAdams, F D; Ells, R W; Ami, H M
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Annual Report vol. 7, (1894), pt. J, 1896, 157 pages (1 sheet),
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Separate Report 579
PublisherGeological Survey of Canada
MapsPublication contains 1 map
Map Info.geological, 1:253,440
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Geological Survey of Canada; (1896). Geological Survey of Canada reports and maps of investigations and surveys [1894], Geological Survey of Canada, Annual Report vol. 7
RelatedThis publication contains Logan, W E; Ells, R W; Adams, F D; (1896). Province of Quebec, Montreal sheet (Eastern Townships map), Geological Survey of Canada, Multicoloured Geological Map no. 571
File formatpdf
NTS31G/01; 31G/01; 31G/08; 31G/08; 31G/09; 31G/09; 31G/16; 31G/16; 31H/03; 31H/04; 31H/05; 31H/06; 31H/11; 31H/12; 31H/13; 31H/14
AreaEastern Townships; Montreal; Laurentians
Lat/Long WENS -74.1667 -72.0000 46.0000 45.0000
Subjectsregional geology; economic geology; structural geology; asbestos; building stones; chromite; copper; fossil distribution, geographic; gold; iron; magnetite; quarries; bedrock geology; fossil lists; Beekmantown Group; Black River Group; Champlain Fault; Chazy Formation; Georgia Series; Grenville Series; Helderbergian Formation; Hudson River Formation; Medina Formation; Potsdam Sandstone; Sillery Formation; St. Lawrence Fault; Sutton Mountains Anticlinorium; Trenton Formation; Utica Formation; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Precambrian
Released1896 01 01; 2015 11 10