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TitleCompact polarimetry assessment: wetlands and soil moisture
AuthorBrisco, B; Charbonneau, F; Trudel, M
SourceProceedings of the 30th Canadian symposium on remote sensing; 2009, 7 pages
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20090134
Meeting30th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing; Lethbridge; CA; June 22-25, 2009
Subjectsgeophysics; soils science; remote sensing; radar imagery; radar methods; satellite imagery; vegetation; wetlands; soils; soil properties; soil moisture; SAR; RADARSAT-2
Illustrationstables; images; plots
ProgramRemote Sensing Science
Released2009 01 01
AbstractA SAR with hybrid-polarity architecture (CL-pol) transmits circular polarization and receives two orthogonal mutually-coherent linear polarizations, which is one manifestation of compact polarimetry. The resulting radar is relatively simple to implement, and has unique self-calibration features and low susceptibility to noise and cross-channel errors. It also enables maintaining larger swath coverage than fully polarimetric SAR systems. A methodology was developed at CCRS for a comparison of fully polarimetric data with compact polarimetry data for applications important to the GoC, under the Understanding Canada from Space and the Groundwater Mapping programs. This compact polarimetry mode configuration for a SAR satellite was evaluated for soil moisture estimation and wetland mapping applications. This paper will present the approach developed and provide some example analyses techniques including results for wetland classification and soil moisture estimation. The implications of the results are also discussed with respect to future SAR missions such as the RADARSAT Constellation or India's RISAT.

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