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TitleChanges in late-Neoglacial perennial snow/ice extent and equilibrium-line altitudes in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Canada
AuthorWolken, G J; England, J H; Dyke, A S
SourceThe Holocene vol. 18, no. 4, 2008 p. 615-627,
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20080187
Alt SeriesPolar Continental Shelf Project, Contribution 003-07
PublisherSAGE Publications
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf (Adobe® Reader®)
NTS29G; 38F; 38G; 39; 48E; 48F; 48G; 48H; 49; 58E; 58F; 58G; 58H; 59; 68E; 68F; 68G; 68H; 69; 78E; 78F; 78G; 78H; 79; 88E; 88F; 88G; 88H; 89; 98E; 98H; 99A; 99D; 120; 340; 560
AreaCanadian Arctic; Canadian Arctic Archipelago; Queen Elizabeth Islands
Lat/Long WENS-124.0000 -60.0000 84.0000 74.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; Nature and Environment; Recent; paleoenvironment; paleoclimatology; glaciation; neoglaciation; ice sheets; vegetation; trimlines; snow; ice margins; ice retreat; glaciers; climate; satellite imagery; infrared spectral analyses; satellites; LANDSAT; Little Ice Age; climate change; plateau ice caps; seasonal snow cover; climate indicators; equilibrium-line altitude (ELA); multispectral analyses; snow extent; LANDSAT thematic mapper imagery; LANDSAT 7; Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+); Terra satellite; Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER); Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationssketch maps; satellite images; aerial photographs; tables; graphs
ProgramEnhancing resilience in a changing climate
ProgramNSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
ProgramUniversity of Alberta, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Northern Research Grants
ProgramPolar Continental Shelf Program
Released2008 06 01