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TitleBedrock geology of southwestern Baffin Island, Nunavut: expanding the tectonostratigraphic framework with relevance to mineral resources
AuthorSanborn-Barrie, M; St-Onge, M R; Young, M D; James, D T
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Current Research (Online) no. 2008-6, 2008, 16 pages, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediaon-line; digital
File formatpdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
NTS36A/03; 36A/04; 36A/05; 36A/06; 36A/11; 36A/12; 36A/13; 36A/14; 36B; 36C; 36D/09; 36D/16; 36E/01; 36F/01; 36F/02; 36F/03; 36F/04; 36F/05; 36F/06; 36F/07; 36F/08; 36G/01; 36G/02; 36G/03; 36G/04; 36G/05; 36G/06; 36G/07; 36G/08; 36H/03; 36H/04; 36H/05; 36H/06
AreaBaffin Island; Foxe Peninsula; Mingo Lake; Kimmirut
Subjectsstratigraphy; tectonics; bedrock geology; igneous rocks; plutonic rocks; intrusive rocks; felsic intrusive rocks; monzo-granites; granodiorites; tectonostratigraphic zones; basement geology; deformation; folds; metamorphism; antiforms; foliation; sedimentary rocks; clastics; volcanic rocks; metasedimentary rocks; mineral potential; base metals; precious metals; copper; nickel; zinc; platinum; gold; silver; lithology; correlations; stratigraphic correlations; Meta Incognita Terrane; Lake Harbour Group; Lona Bay Sequence; Schooner Harbour Sequence; Precambrian
Illustrationslocation maps; photographs; magnetic charts
Released2008 05 01
AbstractNew bedrock geological mapping on southwestern Baffi n Island has highlighted the character and extent of three distinct supracrustal sequences and allowed for further subdivision and structural mapping of intervening plutonic rocks. The Lake Harbour Group outcrops predominantly south of Mingo Lake and comprises a quartzite-marble-psammite-pelite succession that can be traced southeast to its type locality near Kimmirut. Widespread exposures of carbonate-clastic rocks across Foxe Peninsula are also believed to represent Lake Harbour Group. Two stratigraphically distinct sequences, an arenaceous assemblage (Lona Bay sequence) and a gossanous mafi c-ultramafi c volcanic-bearing assemblage (Schooner Harbour sequence), are best exposed on southern Foxe Peninsula. Intervening plutonic rocks comprise mainly biotite- and/or orthopyroxene-monzogranite intrusive into the supracrustal rocks, with minor foliated to gneissic tonalite-granodiorite potentially representing depositional basement. Collectively, these rocks were deformed during at least three regional deformation events. As a result, supracrustal rocks are mainly preserved in structural basins corresponding to F1 and F2 synforms which, in turn, are separated by a broad F3 antiform.