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TitleUranium-lead geochronology of basement units in the Wuskwatim-Tullibee lakes area, northeastern Kisseynew Domain, Manitoba (NTS 63O)
AuthorRayner, NORCID logo; Percival, J A
SourceManitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines, Manitoba Geological Survey, Report of Activities 2007, 2007 p. 82-90 Open Access logo Open Access
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Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20070346
Mediapaper; CD-ROM
File formatpdf; xls
AreaWuskwatim Lake; Tullibee Lake; Footprint Lake; Osik Lake; Threepoint Lake; Mooswuchi Lake; Wapisu Lake; Neuls Lake; Burntwood River; Muskoseu River
Lat/Long WENS -99.5000 -98.0000 56.0000 55.2500
Subjectsgeochronology; stratigraphy; structural geology; Archean; geochronometry; radiometric dating; uranium lead dating; zircon dates; basement geology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; tonalites; metamorphic rocks; granulites; quartzites; charnockites; gneisses; metasedimentary rocks; iron formations; tectonic history; metamorphism; mineral potential; diamond; mantle; Superior Province; Trans-Hudson Orogen; Kisseynew Domain; Sickle Group; Burntwood Group; Ospwagan Group; Thompson Nickel Belt; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationssketch maps; photographs; Concordia diagrams; histograms; photomicrographs
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-3), 2005-2010
Released2007 01 01
AbstractThis report presents U-Pb SHRIMP (Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe) geochronological results from four high-grade samples of proposed Archean inliers within the Kisseynew Domain. A sample of tonalite from the Burntwood River near the Muskoseu River mouth is interpreted to have crystallized between 2.8-2.9 Ga and also contains inherited zircon up to 3.4 Ga in age. A third population of zircon from the tonalite indicates zircon growth between 2.5-2.55 Ga, speculatively associated with granulite-grade metamorphism. Immediately overlying the tonalite is quartzite interpreted to be in unconformable contact with the tonalite basement. The youngest reproducible detrital zircon is dated at 2.53 Ga with other detritus yielding minimum dates as old as 3.32 Ga. U-Pb results from a charnockite within the Wuskwatim Lake inlier are interpreted to indicate crystallization between 2.64-2.66 Ga with inheritance between 2.7 and 3.24 Ga. All three of these samples also record peak Trans-Hudson metamorphism with zircon growth at 1801 ± 13 Ma (tonalite), 1806 ± 5 Ma (quartzite) and 1804 ± 29 Ma (charnockite). Zircons recovered from a tonalite gneiss near iron formation west of Tullibee Lake do not preserve evidence of an Archean history. All but one zircon yield a weighted mean age of 1809 ± 3 Ma, identical within error to the Paleoproterozoic ages observed in the Archean samples. Only one zircon preserves a slightly older date of 1877 ± 22 Ma.

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