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TitleGroundwater modelling: from geology to hydrogeology
AuthorRivera, A
SourceThree-dimensional geologic mapping for groundwater applications: Workshop extended abstracts; by Thorleifson, L H (ed.); Berg, R C (ed.); Russell, H A J (ed.); Minnesota Geological Survey, Open File 7-4, 2007 p. 51-57
LinksMinnesota Geological Survey
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20070342
PublisherMinnesota Geological Survey (US)
Meeting2007 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America; Denver; US; October 27, 2007
Mediapaper; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Thorleifson, L H; Berg, R C; Russell, H A J; (2007). Three-dimensional geologic mapping for groundwater applications: Workshop extended abstracts, Minnesota Geological Survey, Open File 7-4
Subjectshydrogeology; mathematical and computational geology; groundwater; groundwater resources; groundwater regimes; mapping techniques; computer mapping; modelling; 3-D modelling
Illustrationsblock diagrams; photographs; tables; flow charts
ProgramGroundwater Mapping Program
AbstractThree-dimensional mapping has extensively developed in the last decade; geological mapping being the area where these developments are more striking. 3D geological mapping has a myriad of applications in the domains of basin analysis, geophysics, geostatistics, geothermal and energy resources, etc. A parallel domain of development has been three-dimensional groundwater modelling: regional groundwater systems, surface water-groundwater interactions, radioactive waste disposal, etc. Whilst these developments have substantially advanced both domains, we see that we are still lagging behind having a clear interface between geological mappers and groundwater modelers. Unfortunately, geologists and hydrogeologists are still working on their own fields more or less separately, and their communication is still poor. Science and technology and available tools abound, but both groups still do not take full advantage to benefit each other. This short essay is a recap, a synthesis of what we see today in the domains of 3D geological mapping and 3D groundwater modelling.