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TitleRepresentative bedrock seismic motion for Quebec City
AuthorLin, L; Nastev, M; Naumoski, N
SourceOttawaGeo2007 : the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference & 8th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference, proceedings/OttawaGéo2007: 60ème conférence canadienne de géotechnique et 8ème conférence conjointe SCG et AIH-CNC sur l'eau souterraine : comptes rendus; 2007 p. 888-895
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20070159
MeetingOttawaGeo2007: 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference & 8th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference; Ottawa; CA; October 21-25, 2007
AreaQuebec City
Lat/Long WENS-71.5000 -71.0000 47.0000 46.7500
Subjectsgeophysics; environmental geology; seismicity; seismic velocities; displacement; strong motion seismology; seismic zones; bedrock geology; earthquake mechanisms; earthquakes; earthquake magnitudes; earthquake studies; earthquake resistant design; building codes; acceleration
Illustrationsspectra; tables
ProgramReducing Risk from Natural Hazards
AbstractThis paper describes the characteristics of derived sets of bedrock seismic motions for Quebec City. Using different methods, three sets of acceleration time histories (i.e., accelerograms) of seismic motions were developed in this study. These include: (i) scaled accelerograms of recorded seismic motions, (ii) artificial accelerograms compatible with the specified uniform hazard spectrum, and (iii) simulated accelerograms for predominant magnitude-distance pairs for the location. The motions are consistent with the seismic hazard for rock type B as defined in the 2005 edition of the National Building Code of Canada. The accelerograms presented in this paper are considered to be representative of the bedrock seismic motions for Quebec City.