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Title2D-3C high-resolution seismic data from the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
AuthorSnyder, D B; Cary, P; Salisbury, M
SourceDeep seismic profiling of the continents and their margins: proceedings of Seismix 2006; by Ito, T (ed.); Iwasaki, T (ed.); Thybo, H (ed.); Tectonophysics vol. 472, issue 1-4, 2009 p. 226-237,
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20060647
PublisherElsevier BV
MeetingSeismix 2006 - the 12th International Symposium on Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their Margins; Hayama; JP; September 24-29, 2006
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formathtml; pdf (Adobe® Reader®)
NTS32D/04; 32D/05; 32D/12; 32D/13; 32E/04; 42A; 42H/01; 42H/02; 42H/03; 42H/04
AreaTimmins; Matheson; Cochrane; Kirkland Lake
Lat/Long WENS -81.7500 -79.5000 49.2500 48.0000
Lat/Long WENS -81.7500 -79.5000 49.2500 48.0000
Subjectsgeophysics; regional geology; tectonics; structural geology; economic geology; Archean; geophysical surveys; seismic surveys; seismic reflection surveys; seismic profiles; seismic waves; p waves; s waves; anisotropy; bedrock geology; structural features; folds; faults; nappes; deformation; lithology; sedimentary rocks; igneous rocks; volcanic rocks; intrusive rocks; intrusions; batholiths; plutons; structural interpretations; tectonic setting; tectonic history; mineral deposits; gold; vein deposits; quartz veins; base metals; mineralization; mineral exploration; exploration guidelines; crustal studies; crustal structure; anomalies; cataclasites; fracture filling deposits; alteration halos; Abitibi Greenstone Belt; Porcupine-Destor deformation zone; Timmins mining camp; Adams Pluton; Watabeag Batholith; Kenogamissi Batholith; Round Lake Batholith; Larder Lake-Cadillac deformation zone; Shaw Dome; Timiskaming assemblage; Porcupine assemblage; Blake River assemblage; Tisdale assemblage; Kidd-Munro assemblage; Stoughton-Roquemaure assemblage; Deloro assemblage; Pacaud assemblage; tomography; data processing; three-component seismic reflection data; Shallow seismic tomography; physical properties; Poisson's ratio; Precambrian
Illustrationssketch maps; seismic profiles; tables; cross-sections; plots; graphs; models
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-3), 2005-2010
ProgramIGCP Project 474 - Images of the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle
ProgramTimmins Economic Development Corporation
AbstractOne high-resolution seismic profile acquired as part of a 3-component (three orthogonal seismometers) regional seismic reflection survey within the southern Abitibi greenstone belt was investigated in more detail using tomography and by processing all three components. Several high-resolution lines had targeted the Porcupine-Destor deformation zone, a zone proximal to the large gold deposits of the Timmins mining camp, and revealed by the new seismic data to be a composite of early fold structures and late transpressive fault arrays that host quartz-vein gold. Processing of the horizontal-component data assumed that seismic waves were converted from P-waves to S-waves between Vibrator source and receivers; S-wave static corrections proved especially important. Radial-component sections showed most features observed previously on vertical-component sections, but some amplitudes became enhanced, others reduced. The transverse-component stack demonstrated that a few structures are 3-D or contain significant seismic anisotropy. Two dimensional, P- and S-wave travel-time tomography analysis using data from the 10-km-long linear receiver array revealed low-resolution (> 200 m) physical property variations, possibly related to mineralization in near-surface structures of the Porcupine-Destor deformation zone; these variations were especially apparent using Poisson's ratio.