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TitleGeology, Harrys River, Newfoundland and Labrador
AuthorBrem, A G; Lin, S; van Staal, C R
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 4921, 2006, 1 sheet; 1 CD-ROM,
Documentopen file
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, structural, lithological, 1:50,000
Mediapaper; CD-ROM; digital; on-line
File formatreadme / lisez-moi
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ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
AreaHarrys River; St. George's River; Rothesay Bay; Georges Lake; Grand Lake; Long Gull Pond; Big Gull Pond; Rocky Pond; Bottom Brook; Southwest Brook; Indian Head Range; Long Range Mountains
Lat/Long WENS-58.5000 -58.0000 48.7500 48.5000
Subjectsregional geology; stratigraphy; structural geology; economic geology; geochronology; bedrock geology; lithology; metamorphic rocks; sedimentary rocks; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; sandstones; conglomerates; limestones; siltstones; ophiolites; ultramafic rocks; amphibolites; greenschists; amphibolite facies; marbles; schists; graphite; biotite; garnet; metapelites; metapsammites; quartz-feldspar gneisses; granites; gneisses; shales; flysch; grainstones; dolomites; mudstones; pyrite; cherts; oolites; bioturbation; stromatolites; dolostones; arkoses; arenites; anorthosites; granodiorites; tonalites; agmatites; mafic rocks; xenoliths; gabbros; diorites; monzonites; syenites; aplites; hornblende; magnetite; plagioclase; granulites; orthopyroxene; quartz; norites; pyroxene; leucogranites; quartzites; paragneisses; granitic rocks; diabases; pyroxenites; felsic rocks; chlorite; muscovite; metasedimentary rocks; mylonites; cataclasites; orthogneisses; metamorphism; foliation; serpentinization; aureoles; pegmatites; cumulus processes; intrusions; dykes; dykes, mafic; structural features; faults; faults, thrust; faults, normal; unconformities; folds; shear zones; bedding; lineations; radiometric dates; uranium lead dates; zircon dates; glacial deposits; glaciofluvial deposits; sands; gravels; boulders; clays; tills; peat; mineral occurrences; Grand Lake Fault; Barachois Group; Humber Zone; Bay of Island Complex; Fleur de Lys Supergroup; Breeches Pond Formation; Mount Musgrave Group; South Brook Formation; Humber Arm Supergroup; Goose Tickle Group; Table Head Group; St. George GRoup; Port-au-Port Group; Labrador Group; Hare Hill Igneous Complex; Indian Head Complex; Steel Mountain Complex; Disappointment Hill Complex; Corner Brook Lake Complex; Dashwoods Subzone; Puddle Pond Complex; Dennis Pond Complex; Lewis Hills Massif; Neoproterozoic; rudstones; megacrysts; Phanerozoic; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Paleozoic; Carboniferous; Pennsylvanian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationssketch maps; tables
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Vancouver (Earth Sciences)
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Natural Resources Canada library - Calgary (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Québec (Earth Sciences)
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-1), 2000-2003
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Released2006 12 01