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TitleGeology of the Cabot Lake-Mistastin River-Konrad Brook area, Labrador
AuthorRyan, B; Corriveau, L
SourceNewfoundland and Labrador, Department of Mines, Geological Survey of Newfoundland, Map 89-37, 1989, 1 sheet
Alt SeriesNewfoundland and Labrador, Department of Mines, Geological Survey of Newfoundland, Open File 014D/02/0038
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20060405
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, lithological, structural, 1:50,000
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
AreaLabrador; Cabot Lake; Mistastin River; Konrad Brook; Kogaluk River
Lat/Long WENS-63.0000 -62.5000 56.2500 56.0000
Subjectsregional geology; structural geology; geochronology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; Archean; bedrock geology; lithology; structural features; folds; faults; joints; fractures; diabase dykes; lineations; mineral occurrences; Elsonian magmatism; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; plutons; inclusions; metamorphic rocks; monzonites; granites; granulite facies; gneisses; leucogabbros; diorites; gabbros; leuconorites; anorthosites; porphyries; aureoles; granodiorites; gneissosity; fabric analyses; textural analyses; granulites; foliation; anastomosis; mylonitization; migmatites; mafic rocks; aplites; felsic rocks; amphibolite facies; amphibolites; porphyroblasts; layering; leucosomes; pegmatites; boudinage; schlieren; augen gneisses; leucogabbros; veins; agmatites; garnet; paragneisses; marbles; gossans; sulphides; quartz-feldspar gneisses; weathering; quartzites; arkoses; ultramafic rocks; metasedimentary rocks; zoning; pyrite; Churchill Province; Aizoon saxifrage; Saxifrage particulata; gabbronorites; megacrysts; metaplutonic rocks; meta-igneous rocks; calc-silicate rocks; grandidierite; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationssketch maps
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