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TitleMaritimes Groundwater Initiative: Groundwater resources assessment in the Carboniferous Basin
AuthorMichaud, Y; Stapinsky, M; Deblonde, C; Morin, R H; Boisvert, V; Carrier, C; Thériault, T; Conohan, D; Hulsman, B; Bourque, E; Parent, M; Paradis, SORCID logo; Castonguay, SORCID logo; Chi, G; Butler, K; Boisvert, EORCID logo
SourceMining matters for Nova Scotia 2001: opportunities for economic development; by MacDonald, D R (ed.); Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Branches, Report ME 2001-2, 2001 p. 34 Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20060191
ProvinceNova Scotia; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island
NTS11E/05; 11E/12; 11E/13; 11L/04; 11L/05; 21H/06; 21H/07; 21H/08; 21H/09; 21H/10; 21H/11; 21H/14; 21H/15; 21H/16; 21I/01; 21I/02; 21I/03; 21I/06; 21I/07; 21I/08
Lat/Long WENS-65.5000 -63.5000 46.5000 45.2500
Subjectshydrogeology; geophysics; groundwater; groundwater resources; sedimentary rocks; aquifers; groundwater levels; groundwater flow; groundwater regimes; hydrostratigraphic units; boreholes; geophysical logging; seismic surveys; geophysical surveys; resource estimation; resource management; regional planning; land use; models; water levels; pump tests; soil samples; water wells; hydraulic analyses; water quality; Maritimes Basin; Naufrage Formation; Richibucto Formation; Boss Point Formation; Hillsborough Formation; Carboniferous Basin; monitoring; Carboniferous; Paleozoic
ProgramMaritimes Groundwater Initiative
Released2001 01 01

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