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TitleThree-dimensional inversion of magnetotelluric data for mineral exploration: An example from the McArthur River uranium deposit, Saskatchewan, Canada
AuthorFarquharson, C G; Craven, J A
SourceJournal of Applied Geophysics vol. 68, issue 4, 2006 p. 450-458,
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20060078
PublisherElsevier BV
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceSaskatchewan; Alberta
NTS74K; 74J; 74I; 74N; 74O; 74P; 74L; 74M
AreaAthabasca Basin
Lat/Long WENS-112.0000 -106.0000 60.0000 57.0000
Subjectsmagnetotelluric surveys; magnetotelluric field; magnetotelluric data; uranium; uranium deposits; mineral deposits; modelling; McArthur River; 3-D inversions
Illustrationslocation maps; schematic diagrams; geophysical images
ProgramSecure Canadian Energy Supply
AbstractShallow exploration targets are becoming scarce, meaning interest is turning towards deeper targets. The magnetotelluric method has the necessary depth capability, unlike many of the controlled-source electromagnetic prospecting techniques traditionally used. The geological setting of ore deposits is usually complex, requiring three-dimensional Earth models for their representation. An example of the applicability of three-dimensional inversion of magnetotelluric data to mineral exploration is presented here. Inversions of an audio-magnetotelluric data-set from the McArthur River uranium mine in the Athabasca Basin were carried out. A sub-set comprising data from eleven frequencies distributed over almost three decades was inverted. The form of the data used in the inversion was impedance. All four elements of the tensor were included. No decompositions of the data were done, nor rotation to a preferred strike direction, nor correction for static shifts. The inversions were successful: the observations were adequately reproduced and the main features in the conductivity model corresponded to known geological features. These included the graphitic basement fault along which the McArthur River uranium deposit is located.