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TitleDevelopment of a 3-D geological model towards natural hazards mitigation, St. Lawrence River Valley eastern Canada
AuthorCouture, R; Gauvreau, D; Bélanger, J R
SourceProceedings, 10th IAEG Congress: Engineering geology for tomorrow's cities; 2006, Paper number 788, 12 pages
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 2005439
MeetingIAEG2006 - 10th IAEG Congress: Engineering geology for tomorrow's cities; Nottingham; GB; September 6-10, 2006
Documentcomputer file
MediaCD-ROM; digital
ProvinceQuebec; Ontario
NTS21E; 21L; 21M; 21N; 22A; 22B; 22C; 22D; 22E; 22F; 22G; 22H; 22I; 22J; 30N/14; 30N/15; 30N/16; 31B; 31C; 31E; 31F; 31G; 31H; 31I; 31J; 31K; 31L; 31M; 31N; 31P; 32A; 32H
AreaSt. Lawrence River Valley; Saguenay River; Lac St-Jean; Quebec; Trois-Rivières; Sherbrooke; Montreal; Gatineau; Ottawa; Kingston
Lat/Long WENS -80.0000 -64.0000 50.5000 43.7500
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; engineering geology; structural geology; geophysics; Economics and Industry; modelling; models; mapping techniques; sediments; landslides; earthquakes; urban geology; urban planning; land use; bedrock geology; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; volcanic rocks; metamorphic rocks; sedimentary rocks; sands; gravels; alluvial deposits; terraces; glacial deposits; postglacial deposits; lacustrine deposits; marine deposits; moraines; tills; bogs; wetlands; seismicity; Appalachian Orogen; Grenville Province; St. Lawrence Platform; geographic information system; geological hazards; digital elevation models; unconsolidated sediments; sediment thickness; geoscientific data quality; geographic information system; hazard mitigation; sustainable development; anthropogenic inputs; data integration; socio-economic impacts
Illustrationssketch maps; photographs; flow charts