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TitleStructural evolution of the Thetford Mines Ophiolite Complex, Canada: implications for the southern Québec ophiolitic belt
AuthorSchroetter, J -M; Bédard, J H; Tremblay, A
SourceTectonics vol. 24, no. 1, TC1001, 2005, 20 pages, (Open Access)
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 2005286
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
NTS21E/04; 21E/05; 21E/06; 21E/10; 21E/11; 21E/12; 21E/13; 21E/14; 21E/15; 21L; 31H/01; 31H/02; 31H/03; 31H/06; 31H/07; 31H/08; 31H/09; 31H/10; 31H/11; 31H/14; 31H/15; 31H/16; 31I/01; 31I/02; 31I/08
AreaQuebec City; Chaudière River; St. Lawrence River; Saint-François River; Coleraine; Asbestos; Saint-Élie-de-Brompton; Mont Adstock; Thetford Mines; Mont Ham; Mont Caribou; Nadeau Hill; Breeches Lake; Back Lake; Disraeli; Lac Brompton; Mont Chauve; Monjoie Lake; Mont Orford; Eastman
Lat/Long WENS-73.5000 -70.0000 47.0000 45.0000
Subjectsstructural geology; tectonics; igneous and metamorphic petrology; ophiolites; igneous rocks; volcanic rocks; metamorphic rocks; sedimentary rocks; structural features; faults; granites; sediments; slates; limestones; sandstones; conglomerates; mudstones; siltstones; basalts; quartzites; phyllites; olistostromes; schists; faults, normal; obduction; ultramafic rocks; intrusions; dykes; faults, extension; sea floor spreading; subduction zones; basins; metamorphic zones; continental margins; aureoles; emplacement; folds; faults, thrust; faults, reverse; tectonic history; oceanic lithosphere; anticlines; synclines; deformation; flysch; tuffs; plutonic rocks; facies; dunites; pyroxenites; gabbros; diabases; harzburgites; mantle; amphibolites; lavas; breccias; turbidites; tectonites; foliation; fracturing; metasedimentary rocks; serpentinites; bedding; schistosity; cleavage; garnet; peridotites; chromitites; models; kinematic analysis; magmatic arcs; lithology; geochemical analyses; Southern Quebec ophiolitic belt; Thetford Mines Ophiolite Complex; Asbestos Ophiolitic Complex; Mont Orford Ophiolitic Complex; Dunnage Zone; Magog Group; Ascot Complex; St-Daniel Melange; Humber Zone; Sutton-Bennett Schists; Appalachian Orogen; Notre-Dame mountains anticlinorium; Sutton mountains anticlinorium; Brome Fault; Saint-Joseph Fault; Bennett Fault; La Guadeloupe Fault; Logan's Line; Taconian Orogen; Beauceville Formation; Saint-Victor Formation; Rosaire Group; Caldwell Group; Bennett Schists; Becancour Anticline; Carineault Anticline; Acadian Orogeny; Coleraine breccias; Thetford Mine massif; Adstock-Ham massif; Reed-Bélanger Mine; Nadeau Mine; Normandie Mine; Beaver Mine; American Chrome Mine; Jeffrey Mine; Lac Brompton Massif; Mont-Chauve Massif; Mont-Orford-Mont-Chagnon Massif; Sutton Schists; Mont-Adstock-Mont-Ham massif; Laurentian Margin; suprasubduction; boninitic volcanics; cumulates; sheeted dykes; backarcs; forearcs; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Carboniferous; Devonian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian
Illustrationsgeological sketch maps; location maps; schematic diagrams; sketches; photographs; cross-sections; models
ProgramNSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
ProgramValorisation-Recherche Québec, Diversification de l'exploration minérale au Québec
Released2005 01 11