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TitleSatellite image maps, northwestern Ontario
AuthorSinghroy, V; Barnett, P J; Assouad, P; Molch, K; Leney, S J
SourceOntario Geological Survey Miscellaneous Release - Data 117, 2003; 4 CD-ROMs Open Access logo Open Access
LinksOntario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Miscellaneous Release - Data
LinksOntario Ministère du Développement du Nord et des Mines, données hors série
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 2005101
Documentcomputer file
MapsPublication contains 47 maps
Map Info.physiographic, satellite image, 1:100,000
RelatedThis publication contains Ontario Geological Survey Preliminary Maps P.3464-P.3510
File formattif; doc; txt; zip
NTS42M/03; 42M/04; 42M/05; 42M/06; 42M/11; 42M/12; 42M/13; 42M/14; 43D/03; 43D/04; 43D/05; 43D/06; 43D/11; 43D/12; 43D/13; 43D/14; 43E/03; 43E/04; 43E/05; 43E/06; 43E/11; 43E/12; 43E/13; 43E/14; 52M/01; 52M/02; 52M/03; 52M/06; 52M/07; 52M/08; 52M/09; 52M/10; 52M/11; 52M/14; 52M/15; 52M/16; 52N; 52O; 52P; 53A; 53B; 53C; 53D/01; 53D/02; 53D/03; 53D/06; 53D/07; 53D/08; 53D/09; 53D/10; 53D/11; 53D/14; 53D/15; 53D/16; 53E/01; 53E/02; 53E/08; 53E/09; 53F; 53G; 53H
Areanorthwestern Ontario; Opasquia Lake; Makoop Lake; Asheweig River; Winiskisis Channel; Island Lake; Deer Lake; North Spirit Lake; North Caribou Lake; Wunnummin Lake; Lansdowne House; Carroll Lake; Trout lake; Lake St. Joseph; Miminiska Lake; Fort Hope
Lat/Long WENS -95.2000 -87.0000 54.0000 51.0000
Subjectsgeneral geology; remote sensing; landforms; topography; terrain analysis; northern boreal forest; geographic information system
Illustrationslocation maps; satellite images
ProgramNorthern Resources Development Program
Released2003 01 01
AbstractThe Ontario Geological Survey, in partnership with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural Resources Canada, is releasing digital files used to produce the 47, 1:100 000 scale paper versions of the Satellite Image Maps released in 2002 (P.3464 to P.3510). The Satellite Image Maps cover a large portion of the boreal forest region of northwestern Ontario , between latitudes 51° and 54°N and between longitude 87°W and the Manitoba-Ontario provincial boundary. They portray enhanced terrain conditions as viewed from space and provide a quasi-three-dimensional overview of the terrain and its conditions. The Satellite Image Maps are products of the fusion of a shaded digital elevation model (Hillshade) and Landsat Extended Thematic Mapper (Landsat ETM) or Landsat Thematic Mapper (Landsat TM) image and are effective in delineating areas with different terrain conditions. These maps are intermediate products of the joint project that has a primary goal to develop a process for terrain analysis that will produce maps similar to the Northern Ontario Engineering Geology Terrain Studies (NOEGTS) of the 1980s. The NOEGTS-type maps have been used for orienting, planning various types of ground survey operations (e.g., forest management, drift exploration, engineering) and for ecological land classification studies. Also provided are geo-referenced images of the individual image maps that can be used with various GIS software packages.

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