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TitleDistribution, character, and genesis of gold deposits in metamorphic terranes
AuthorGoldfarb, R J; Baker, T; Dubé, B; Groves, D I; Hart, C J R; Gosselin, P
SourceOne hundredth anniversary volume 1905 - 2005; by Hedenquist, J W (ed.); Thompson, J F H (ed.); Goldfarb, R J (ed.); Richards, J P (ed.); Economic geology and the bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists 2005 p. 407-450,
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2005069
PublisherSociety of Economic Geologists
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Subjectseconomic geology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; geochemistry; gold; mineral deposits; mineral deposits genesis; epigenetic deposits; metallogeny; metamorphic rocks; terranes; metamorphic environment; metamorphism; greenstone belts; folds; tectonic environments; orogenies; zoning; pressure-temperature conditions; intrusions; emplacement; granitic rocks; fault zones; structural features; structural controls; fluid migration; fluid inclusions; seismic zones; vein deposits; faults; shear zones; mineralization; alteration; stockworks; breccias; deformation; replacement deposits; metamorphic facies; greenschist facies; host rocks; structural traps; geochemical analyses; sulphides; arsenopyrite; pyrite; pyrrhotite; gold-silver ratios; base metals; tungsten; bismuth; tellurium; carbonates; muscovite; chlorite; feldspar; biotite; tourmaline; albite; alteration halos; skarn deposits; carbon dioxide; stable isotope studies; radioisotopes; oxygen isotopes; salinity; hydrothermal deposits; meteoric waters; hydrogen isotopes; source rocks; precipitation; models; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; volcanic rocks; lamprophyres; hydrothermal systems; ore grades; paragenesis; mineral exploration; exploration guidelines; fold belts; epizonal; mesozonal; hypozonal; intrusion-related; disseminated; granitoid rocks; chemical composition; gold fineness; pH; reduction; deuterium; sulphur isotopes; water-rock interaction; volatiles; noble gases; signatures; Phanerozoic; Precambrian
Illustrationssketch maps; schematic diagrams; tables; bar graphs; plots; photographs; block diagrams; profiles; photomicrographs; cross-sections
ProgramConsolidating Canada's Geoscience Knowledge