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TitleBritish Columbia regional geochemical survey, Nelson (NTS 82F), stream sediment and water geochemical data
AuthorMatysek, P F; Jackaman, W; Gravel, J L; Sibbick, S J; Feulgen, S
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 2355, 1991, 150 pages (50 sheets); 1 diskette/disquette,
Alt SeriesBritish Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Geological Survey Branch, Regional Geochemical Survey Open File 30
Documentopen file
MapsPublication contains 50 maps
Map Info.location, sample locations, 1:500,000
Map Info.geological, bedrock geology, 1:500,000
Map Info.surficial geology, 1:500,000
Map Info.geochemical, element distribution, 1:500,000
Map Info.location, sample locations, 1:100,000
Mediapaper; diskette; digital; on-line
File formatreadme
File formatASCII; pdf
ProvinceBritish Columbia
AreaNelson; Kootenay Lake
Lat/Long WENS-118.0000 -116.0000 50.0000 49.0000
Subjectsgeochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; analyses; trace element analyses; geochemical analyses; sandstones; shales; conglomerates; argillites; greywackes; limestones; sedimentary rocks; basalts; volcanic rocks; andesites; gabbros; granodiorites; diorites; igneous rocks; plutonic rocks; gold geochemistry; arsenic geochemistry; cadmium geochemistry; cobalt geochemistry; copper geochemistry; iron geochemistry; lead geochemistry; manganese geochemistry; nickel geochemistry; zinc geochemistry; molybdenum geochemistry; vanadium geochemistry; chromium geochemistry; bismuth geochemistry; antimony geochemistry; tin geochemistry; silver geochemistry; mercury geochemistry; tungsten geochemistry; uranium geochemistry; fluorine geochemistry; stream sediment geochemistry; water geochemistry; Fernie Group; Kamloops Group; Phoenix Group; Sanpoil volcanics; Klondike Mountian Formation; O'Brien Creek Formation; Nicola Group; Slocan Group; Kaslo Group; Ymir Group; Sicamous Formation; Rossland Group; Elise Formation; Archibald Formation; Okanagan Metamorphic and Plutonic Complex; Thompson Assemblage; Cache Creek Group; Chapperon Formation; Kobau Group; Anarchist Group; Mt. Roberts Formation; Coryell intrusions; Milford Group; Flagstaff Mountain Sequence; Lardeau Group; Broadview Formation; Eagle Bay Formation; Nelway Formation; Active Formation; Metaline Formation; Ledbetter slate; Grass Mountain sequence; Hamill Group; Gog Group; Eager Formation; Badshot Formation; Mohican Formation; Donald Formation; Reno Formation; Laib Formation; Quartzite Range Formation; Miette Group; Horsethief Creek Group; Toby Formation; Shedroof Formation; Monk Formation; Leola volcanics; Silver Creek Formation; Chase Formation; Missoula Group; Mt. Nelson Formation; Dutch Creek Formation; Gateway Formation; Phillips Formation; Roosville Formation; Siyeh Formation; Kitchener Formation; Wallace Formation; Helena Formation; Sheppard Formation; Ravalli Group; Creston Formation; Aldridge Formation; Fort Steele Formation; Pritchard Formation; Waterton Formation; Appekuny Formation; Altyn Formation; Grinnell Formation; Werner Peak Formation; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Tertiary; Jurassic; Triassic; Permian; Carboniferous; Pennsylvanian; Paleozoic; Cretaceous; Mesozoic; Proterozoic
Illustrationstables; charts; overlays; formulae; sketch maps
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Vancouver (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Calgary (Earth Sciences)
ProgramCanada-British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement, 1985-1990
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Released1991 06 01