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TitleSea level and astronomically induces environmental changes in Middle and Late Eocene sediments from the East Tasman Plateau
AuthorRöhl, U; Brinkhuis, H; Stickley, C E; Fuller, M; Schellenberg, S A; Wefer, G; Williams, G L
SourceThe Cenozoic southern ocean: tectonics, sedimentation, and climate change between Australia and Antarctica; by Exon, N F (ed.); Kennett, J P (ed.); Malone, M J (ed.); American Geophysical Union Geophysical Monograph 151, 2004 p. 127-151, (Open Access)
LinksOcean Drilling Program
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 2004363
Alt SeriesNetherlands Research School of Sedimentary Geology (NSG), Publication 2004.01.06
PublisherAmerican Geophysical Union
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
AreaTasman Sea; southwestern Pacific Ocean; Tasmania; Australia
Lat/Long WENS149.0000 153.0000 -42.0000 -45.0000
Subjectspaleontology; stratigraphy; sedimentology; Nature and Environment; magnetostratigraphy; Eocene; sea level changes; paleo-sea levels; paleoenvironment; marine sediments; marine sediment cores; cyclic processes; magnetostratigraphy; diatoms; carbonate; paleoclimates; surface waters; water temperature; climate effects; climatic fluctuations; sedimentation rates; regressions; transgressions; fossil distribution, geographic; latitude; x-ray fluorescence analyses; biostratigraphy; depositional environment; sediment volumes; major element analyses; spectral analyses; East Tasman Plateau; Dinoflagellates; Gonyaulacysta; Peridinoids; Dinocysts; Tasmanian Gateway; Priabonian transgression; eutrophy; oligotrophy; Milankovitch cycles; climate change; Cenozoic; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; bathymetric maps; profiles; graphs; spectra