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TitleNational Scale Forest Information Extraction from Coarse Resolution Satellite Data. Part 2: Forest Biophysical Parameters and Carbon
AuthorCihlar, J; Fernandes, R AORCID logo; Fraser, RORCID logo; Chen, J M; Chen, WORCID logo; Latifovic, R; Liu, J; Li, Z
SourceRemote Sensing of Forest Environments: Concepts and Case Studies; by Wulder, M A (ed.); Franklin, S E (ed.); 2002 p. 359-388
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20043099
PublisherKluwer Academic Publisher
Subjectsgeophysics; environmental geology; remote sensing; vegetation; Forests; Forest management; Environmental management
AbstractThis is the second of two papers concerned with the use of coarse resolution satellite data for large-scale applications in forestry. Here we review the use of AVHRR and VGT data for characterizing forest structure and carbon uptake. It is assumed that most of the observation artifacts were removed from the satellite data through prior processing, thus the corrected data represent intrinsic electromagnetic properties of the surface targets. Both forest structural properties (fractional composition and change in land cover, leaf area index, active fires and burns) and functional behaviour (as net primary and net ecosystem productivity) are reviewed, based on research carried out in Canada.

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