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TitleNational Scale Forest Information Extraction from Coarse Resolution Satellite Data. Part 1: Data Preprocessing and Mapping Land Cover Types
AuthorCihlar, J; Latifovic, R; Beaubien, J; Trishchenko, AORCID logo; Chen, J M; Fedosejevs, G
Source 2002.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20043098
PublisherKluwer Academic
AbstractForests provide essential economic and ecological services, and their role in the planetary system is being increasingly recognized. In parallel, the demand for timely and accurate information on the status and function of the forest biome is also increasing. While traditionally forest information was gathered in situ or by means of aerial photography, the role of satellite remote sensing is becoming central because of the need to match the spatial and temporal scales of observations to those of the key forest processes. In this paper, we briefly review (i) data processing issues underpinning the use of 'coarse resolution' optical satellite data for terrestrial studies, and (ii) an application to land cover mapping at the national level. An accompanying paper describes the use of the processed data sets to derive information on biophysical parameters, land cover change, and carbon uptake. The discussion draws heavily on our work in Canada but the findings are applicable to similar geographic and ecoclimatic conditions elsewhere.

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