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TitleGeoComp-n, an advanced system for the processing of coarse and medium resolution satellite data. Part 2: Biophysical products for Northern ecosystems
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AuthorCihlar, J; Chen, J M; Li, Z; Latifovic, R; Fedosejevs, G; Adair, M; Park, W M; Fraser, RORCID logo; Trishchenko, AORCID logo; Guindon, B; Stanley, D; Morse, D
SourceCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing vol. 28, issue 1, 2002 p. 21-44, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042953
PublisherInforma UK Limited
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Subjectsremote sensing; satellite imagery; GeoComp-n; Geocoding and Compositing System
Illustrationstables; satellite images; graphs; diagrams; flow charts
Released2014 06 02
AbstractEffective use of satellite data for environmental monitoring requires consistent, high-throughput processing of large volume of data as they are transformed from raw measurements to useful higher level products. GeoComp-n was developed as a software solution to this challenge, for use with satellites that provide daily data for the landmass of Canada or comparably large areas. In this second paper, we discuss the characteristics of algorithms and methods used in the generation of GeoComp-n products. The theoretical basis and assumptions in the algorithms are described, and the quality of the products is discussed based on validation studies. Examples of a suite of products for Canada during one 10-day period illustrate the diversity and quality of observations for the terrestrial biosphere that may be derived from satellites, frequently and over large areas. Issues related to quality assessment in a production environment are also discussed.

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