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TitleOrthorectification and Data Fusion of Landsat 7 Data
AuthorCheng, P; Toutin, Th; Tom, V
SourceASPRS 2000, Washington, DC May 22-26; 2000.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042881
AbstractThe latest addition of Landsat 7 data has created a big impact to the remote sensing industry. The price of the data is extremely low in comparing to other satellite data. In addition, the new 15m panchromatic sensor provides high resolution with a wide coverage area. Landsat 7 data is the most affordable to a lot of users. In this paper we will describe two techniques using the Landsat 7 data, i.e., orthorectification and data fusion. Orthorectification is a process to correct the data planimetrically such that the final result (orthoimage) can be used as an image-based map. The orthoimage can be used in many geomatic fields such as the integration with GIS. Results will be shown using Landsat 7 data and USGS vectors. Landsat 7 data has one 15m panchromatic band and six 30m multispectral bands, it is possible to use a new data fusion technique to create 15m multispectral bands. Unlike the popular technique which uses RGB-IHS, this new data fusion technique preserves the spectral characteristics of each band. Hence, the resulting image can still be used for various quantitative analysis such as classification.

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