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TitleIntegration of Multi-polarized Airborne C-SAR images for Geological Mapping in Precambrian Shield Terrains
AuthorSinghroy, V; Saint-Jean, R; Gauthier, E; Rheault, M
SourceThirteenth International Conference on Applied Geologic Remote Sensing, 1-3 March; 1999.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042740
AbstractThis investigation explores the utility of multi-polarized airborne SAR images composites for geological mapping, in support of mineral exploration programs, in Canadian Shield terrains.

The discovery of the Voisey's Bay massive sulphide deposit triggered a considerable interest in the Canadian mining community. In August 1996, a discovery with similar mineralogical associations was made near Lac Volant, 65 km NE of Sept-Îles, Québec. The Lac Volant showing started an unprecedented exploration rush in the area and geological mapping is now still in progress. Shortly after the discovery, we acquired an RADARSAT-1 image to evaluate the potential of the sensor in this specific environment. The image proved to be so meaningful that an airborne quad-polarisation C-SAR survey was flown in February 1997 for MIR Télédétection Inc. over the test site.

At the Lac Volant test site, current studies are on going on the use of multi-polarized SAR images for geological mapping. Our results have shown that the integration of C-HH, C-HV and C-VV, airborne SAR images is providing more information on the distribution and orientation of fracture systems. Individual analysis of each polarimetric image shows that the C-HV image provides the most information on the fracture systems. In addition, the multi-polarized SAR images were integrated with high-resolution airborne magnetics data for enhanced lithological and structural mapping. In July 1998, we also had the opportunity to field check some of our findings. We will use the insight acquired during this field program to explain some of our results.


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