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TitleUtilité des images RSO multipolarisées pour l'hydrogéologie en milieu semi-aride
AuthorSaint-Jean, R; Singhroy, V
SourceACFAS 1999 (Association canadienne francaise pour l'avancement des sciences); 1999.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042732
AbstractIn this study, we assess the information content of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images in HH, VV, VH and HV polarization with a view to determining which of these polarizations is best suited for use in the detailed mapping of ouadis drainage systems. A good understanding of a drainage system makes it easier to decide where to locate floodwater retention dykes, an approach that has been used with some success in Jordan.

We use multipolarized SAR images from an airborne survey conducted in 1993 in the context of a GlobeSAR-1 project. The images are analyzed to bring out as much hydrogeological information as possible. Results indicate that the contrast and detail provided by cross-polarization (HV or VH) and, to a lesser degree, HH polarization are useful in mapping the hydrographic network where vegetation is found in the ouadis (dried rivers). VV polarization is not as sensitive to vegetation; however, it is more effective for purposes of locating the ouadis boundary and mapping surface roughness in playas.

This study is part of preparations for the RADARSAT-2 SAR sensor, which is to go into commercial operation in early 2002 and which will supply like-polarized and cross-polarized images at a resolution similar to that used in this study.

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