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TitleEstimating Erosion Rates of Tropical Shorelines from RADARSAT-1
AuthorSinghroy, V; Barbosa, M
SourceISPRS Commission VII Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, September 1-4; 1998 p. 174-178
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042631
AbstractOn a global scale, shorelines are eroding at an increasing rate. The local shoreline geomorphology and regional differences in coastal processes are fundamental in estimating erosion rates. Our results show that in the permanently cloudy tropical coastal areas of Guyana and north east Brazil, RADARSAT S7 image is particularly useful to map areas of erosion, and deposition, as well as the adjacent affected coastal land use. Coastal changes were estimated by comparing recent RADARSAT images with previous topographic maps. In north east Brazil erosion rates on fractured quaternary sediments vary from 0 to 12 meters a year, and on the more resistant sandstone erosion rates vary from 0 to 6 meters a year. In Guyana, low flat areas below sea level, erosion rates vary from 0 to 25 meters a year. In El Niño year, these estimates are expected to increase.

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