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TitleEarth Observation Data Access on the World Wide Web at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
AuthorBoudreau, R; Barkman, K W; Fisher, T A; Erickson, A
Source17th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 13-15; 1995 p. 281-286
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042600
AbstractThe Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) has operated an information system, called GCNet, since 1990. This system is being used regularly by Canadian and international resource managers, global change researchers and other scientists in order to locate earth observation datasets in Canada and abroad. GCNet was developed as a simple system capable of being accessed from any station equipped with a VT100 terminal emulator and it provides users only with directory and inventory information about scientific datasets. Recent developments in Internet technologies, such as the World Wide Web, and the growing usage of higher bandwidth networks, now make it possible for users to access imagery as easily as text information. This article presents the new GCNet/Web system developed at CCRS and examines the progress being made in the effort to provide digital browse delivery to the remote sensing community.

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