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TitleA Product Enhancement Algorithm for MOS-1 (Marine Observation Satellite-1) Sensor Data (extended abstract)
AuthorGiovannetti, M V; Murphy, J M; Erickson, A; Robertson, B
SourceProceedings of the 14th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Calagary, Alberta, 6-10 May; 1991 p. 274
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042592
AbstractThe Canada Centre for Remote Sensing processes MOS-1 Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer (MESSR), Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer (VTIR) and Microwave Scanning Radiometer (MSR) sensor data in the form of Computer Compatible Tapes (CCT) and produces high resolution film images of individual scenes. This document offers a standard method for visually enhancing each of these film products in order to produce an image that is both pleasing to the human observer and useful for scientific interpretation.

The enhancements were found using a statistical method whereby a substantial number of scenes of each sensor were used as input to produce histograms of pixel intensity (digital numbers - DN) for each band. These were studied to understand the distribution of digital numbers for different scene features (water, snow/ice and land) during different times of the year, in a band dependent manner. Once the overall distribution of data was understood, a histogram contrast stretch in each band was performed to optimize the desired scene with respect to emphasizing or de-emphasizing features.


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