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TitleRadarsat Potential for Trail and Road Detection in Indonesian Forests
AuthorTouzi, R; Sasitiwarih, A
SourceEUSAR Conference, Proceedings; 1998.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042542
AbstractThe basic imaging geometry of the SAR is considered for the study of trail and road detectability in rainforests with no significant topographic relief, as a function of the SAR parameters and trail (or road) shape. It is shown that the visibility of these features on SAR images depends mainly on the SAR resolution, trail (or road) width and their orientation relative to the SAR viewing direction. The results are confirmed experimentally on the dense forest site in the south of Sumatra, Indonesia, using the multi-resolution capability of Radarsat. The best trail detectability is obtained with the fine modes at the highest incidence angle. This permits even the detection of 5 to 6 m width trails under particular conditions. The use of the ascending and descending modes is ideal. It permits trail imaging with different orientation, and as such increases trail detectability. Finally, the effect of speckle on trail and road visibility is discussed as well as the speckle reduction of SAR images for trail and road enhancement

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