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TitleThe Effects of Doppler Processing Errors in SAR Data
AuthorHawkins, R K; Lukowski, T I; Murnaghan, K P; Srivastava, S K
SourceProceedings of the CEOS SAR Calibration Workshop, Noordwijk, The Netherlands; 1998 p. 201-208
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042519
AbstractThis paper reviews the importance of Doppler processing integrity to processing SAR data. Because SAR data are collected in a raw form and compressed to a high resolution image, the quality and fidelity of the final product depends critically on the processing. The compression is normally conceptually divided into range and azimuth steps and these are coupled to some degree. Azimuth compression relies on good knowledge of the Doppler phase history of the data at the processing stage. Uncertainties in the initial Doppler estimates can lead to problems in all aspects (Ref. 1) of the data quality of the image product: phase, amplitude, and geometry. Some manifestations of problems in these aspects are demonstrated with examples from RADARSAT, but they are by no means limited to this sensor or processing system.

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