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TitleMapping Crop Characteristics Using Multitemporal RADARSAT Imager
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AuthorMcNairn, H; Wood, D; Brown, R J
SourceFirst International Conference: Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry, Orlando, June 1-3; 1998., Open
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Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042516
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
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Released1998 01 01
AbstractAlthough research related to the use of remote sensing for crop mapping and monitoring has been conducted extensively in the past, the all weather capability of SAR and the steerable beams associated with RADARSAT mean that the availability of cloud free imager during critical phenological stages has improved significantly. The Canada Centre for Remote Sensing is involved in a multi-year study to investigate the use of RADARSAT data for operational crop type mapping and crop condition assessment. Results to date indicate that a single RADARSAT acquisition during the crops' reproductive and seed development stages is better able to discriminate crop type when compared to a SPOT XS scene acquired during the same period. Multi-date RADARSAT and optical data provide very good crop type discrimination, although separating spring wheat is still difficult.

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