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TitleThe Use of Digital Airborne SAR and LANDSAT TM for the Assessment of Landslide Risk in the Canadian Cordillera (extended abstract)
AuthorBedard, D; Singhroy, V
Source17th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Proceedings, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 13-15; 1995 p. 714
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042327
AbstractThe United Nations declared the 1990s as the decade for natural hazard reduction in recognition of the tremendous damage caused by various natural hazards. Worldwide geologic hazards represent one-quarter of all losses related to natural hazards with mass movements dominating this loss. This research project addresses the use of remotely sensed digital imagery and GIS techniques to identify the extract information for landslide risk assessment in the Canadian Cordillera.

The study site is the Fraser valley between Hope and Yale where a wide variety of landslides of various magnitudes have occurred. Single-date digital airborne SAR and LANDSAT imagery were collected and combined with various map information bases to produce a wide variety of products for characterization of landslides. This paper discusses the various challenges presented in preparing and integrating ancillary information and imagery in areas of high relief, and reviews the various approaches taken to extract information from the digital image products.


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