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TitleUrban Planning Using Data Fusion of Satellite and Aerial Photo Images
AuthorCheng, P; Toutin, Th
SourceIGARSS'97, Singapore, August 3-8; 2, 1997 p. 839-841
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042325
AbstractUrban planning using data fusion of different satellite and aerial photo images can be very useful. However, multisource data fusion requires geometric and radiometric processing, adapted to the nature and the characteristics of the data. In this way the best information available from each image is preserved in the composite image. With the increased resolution of satellite and aerial photo images (5m and less), the off-nadir viewing angle of the satellite sensor (greater than 20 degrees), the multi-source data available (such as SPOT, RADARSAT, and IRS), a general and accurate photogrammetric method which can deal with different satellite images and an accurate photogrammetric method for aerial photos are needed. For satellite images, a rigorous method developed at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS), Natural Resources Canada, which takes into account the nature of the data can be used. For aerial photos, the method of space resection by collinearity can be used. This paper will presents data fusion results using SPOT, RADARSAT, IRS satellite images and an aerial photo. The results are sharp and precise, which enables a better and easier interpretation for urban planning.

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