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TitleCalibration, Validation, and Quality Assurance in Remote Sensing: A New Paradigm
AuthorTeillet, P M; Horler, D N H; O'Neill, N T
SourceCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing 23, 4, 1997 p. 401-414, Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042297
PublisherInforma UK Limited
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Released2014 07 31
AbstractIn the larger sense, calibration/validation (cal/val) includes all of the steps required to convert raw sensor data into accurate and useful geophysical or biophysical quantities that are verified to be self-consistent. From that perspective, cal/val cannot be considered operational. The paper introduces the concept that cal/val can play an essential role in bringing remote sensing to mainstream consumers in an information-based society, provided that it is an integral part of a quality-assurance strategy. A market model for the specific case of remote sensing is introduced and used to demonstrate that quality assurance is the key to bridging the gap between early adopters of technology and mainstream markets. The paper goes on to propose the semi-continuous monitoring of quality assurance and stability reference (QUASAR) sites as an important first step towards a cal/val infrastructure beneficial to mainstream users. Low-altitude hyperspectral data sets acquired for the monitoring sites will be used to generate results in the spectral bands of commonly used sensors and make them rapidly and easily available on a frequent basis.

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