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TitleThe Local Environmental Applications Program (LEAP) at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
AuthorFung, K B; Gauthier, R P; Cihlar, J
SourceInternational Symposium, Geomatics in the Era of RADARSAT (GER'97), Ottawa, Canada, May 25-30; 1997 p. 8
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042234
MeetingInternational Symposium, Geomatics in the Era of RADARSAT (GER'97); Ottawa, ON; CA; May 25-30 1997
AbstractIn 1995, a market study undertaken for the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS), Natural Resources Canada identified potential growth areas for the remote sensing and geomatics industry in the coming decade. Environmental applications at the local level were identified in the market studies as a major growth area. Two follow-on workshops were conducted with the geomatics and environmental consulting industries, government agencies and universities regarding the research, development and demonstration strategies. It was recommended that CCRS conduct a series of demonstrations of geomatics technology in the areas of environmental site and impact assessment in addition to the development of advanced new information extraction algorithms within this context.Consequently, CCRS has established the Local Environmental Applications Program (LEAP) to carry out these recommendations. In this paper, we discuss the issues facing the geomatics service industry in the international market and provide a progress report on two demonstration projects initiated in 1996.

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