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TitleAtlantic Plains Forest and Land Cover Mapping from C-Band SAR Imagery: Moroccan GlobeSAR Program
AuthorMerzouk, A; Dhman, H; Abdellaoui, B; Mejjati Alami, M; Prévost, C; Cyr, L
SourceInternational Symposium, Geomatics in the Era of RADARSAT (GER'97), Ottawa, Canada, May 25-30; 1997 p. 11
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042221
AbstractThe paper presents the preliminary results of the airborne C-Band SAR data (12.12.1993) and RADASAT-1 imagery validation for mapping forest cover types in the Atlantic plains of Morocco. The research , which is part of the international GLOBESAR program, was conducted in the Ghaba Larache cork oak forest with the active participation of the local foresters who were in desperate need for accurate, timely and cost effective forest inventories. The research clearly demonstrated the potential of the radar imagery for forest cover mapping in this area of relatively even topography. The combination of GIS environment of the SAR data and Landsat-TM (4&5) imagery was shown to provide more information on forest structure and vegetation types. The resulting forest cover units were integrated with geographic information systems for effective management planning.

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