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TitleA new, nationally consistent, satellite-derived land cover of Canada: a comparison of two methodologies
AuthorBeaubien, J; Cihlar, J; Xiao, Q; Fung, K B; Hurlburt, P
SourceInternational Symposium, Geomatics in the Era of RADARSAT (GER'97), Ottawa, Canada, May 25-30; 1997 p. 7
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042208
AbstractWhether one is interested in land management, resource inventory, process studies, modeling or simply communication with stakeholders, land cover type is the single most important environmental information. It has long been recognized that remote sensing techniques are most effective when applied to mapping land cover and other surface characteristics. However, it has previously been impossible to map land cover consistently over large areas, such as the landmass of Canada. Recent advances in the processing and analysis of medium (1-2km) resolution optical data have led to the demonstration that such maps can be produced consistently and with minimal analyst intervention. This paper describes two new land cover maps of Canada produced with different methodologies at a pixel spacing of 1km. We briefly discuss the data set employed, the classification approaches used, and the information content of the maps. These maps provide, for the first time, a consistent snapshot of the land cover of our great country.

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