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TitleLa création de modèles numérique de terrain à l'aide d'images des satellites SPOT
AuthorRochon, G; Leclerc, A; Haja, S R; Simard, R
Source9e Symposium canadien de télédétection, St. Jean, Terre-Neuve, 14-17 août; 1984 p. 441-450
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042204
AbstractThe aim of this paper is to provide an evaluation of SPOT as a new tool for DEM generation over large areas. Some basic concepts of altimetric resitution with digital images are first presented. simulation of stereoscopic SPOT images is done with airborne images taken over a forested area of Gaspésie. The scanner used was the MEIS II of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. The stereo matching algorithm developed at Laval University is described and results obtained with this algorithm and that of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing are presented.

The similar results obtained with both algorithms show that is possible to measure the parallax on stereoscopic SPOT images to an accuracy of about 0.2 pixel or more, when the base/height ratio is about 1.


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