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TitleInvestigation of a GIS Forest Base Mapping Process Using Optical and Radar Remote Sensing: First Results
AuthorDavis, BORCID logo; Rossignol, S G; Hutton, C A
SourceGIS National Conference and ISPRS '94; 1994 p. 447-454
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042152
AbstractA technique was developed to integrate SPOT and simulated RADARSAT Fine Resolution Synthetic aperture Radar (SAR) data into the MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. forest base map updating process. The project test site was located in the Queen Charlotte archipelago. Remote sensing data were corrected for terrain distortions and served to map new roads and cutblocks. The new features were added a GIS forest map based on the British Columbia 1:20,000 scale TRIM data. Much of MacMillan Bloedel's tenure in coastal British Columbia is constantly hampered by cloud cover which prevents the acquisition of optical satellite data. RADARSAT imagery with its all weather capability is expected to be an important source of information for base map updating operations. Methodologies developed support the concept of a future operational forest map updating system using SPOT data where available, and RADARSAT SAR data in areas where optical data is non-existent.

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