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TitleAutomated DEM Extraction and Ortho-Image Generation from SPOT Level 1B Imagery
AuthorAl-Roussan, N; Cheng, P; Petrie, G; Toutin, Th; Valadan Zoej, M J
SourcePhotogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 63, 8, 1997 p. 965-974
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20042112
AbstractThis paper describes the testing and validation of the photogrammetric modules of the PCI EASI/PACE system using SPOT stereo-pairs over a high accuracy test field established in a desert area in Jordan. The mathematical modeling and analytical photogrammetric solution used by the system are first described. This is followed by a description of the algorithm employed in the automatic image matching procedure used to extract a dense DEM from the SPOT digital image data. The results of extensive tests of the geometric accuracy of the exterior orientation and analytical rectification carried out with the SPOT images using PCI EASI/PACE are given. The DEMs generated from five SPOT level 1B stereo-pairs have been merged and validated through a comparison of the resulting contours with the corresponding contours generated by aerial photogrammetric methods, the two plots showing an excellent agreement. The final ortho-images are of a high quality in radiometric terms, while a check of their geometric accuracy reveals sub-pixel accuracy. The results of this highly automated all-digital photogrammetric procedure are of considerable relevance to those concerned with the topographic mapping of extensive areas of arid and semi-arid terrain.

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