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TitleThe Canada Vegetation and Land Cover: A Raster and Vector Data Set for GIS Applications-Uses in Agriculture
AuthorPalko, S; St-Laurent, L; Huffman, T; Unrau, E
Source9th Symposium on Geographic Information Systems, Proceedings, Vancouver; 1995.
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041524
AbstractThis paper is a follow-up to the presentation entitled Canada's New, Seamless Forest Cover Data Basegiven at this conference in 1993. The final stages concerning the preparation of a complete vegetation and land cover data set for Canada are described, transformation of the raster product to vector format, integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and limitations in GIS applications. The data set was derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor operating on board the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites which have a resolution of 1.1 km. The vegetation and land cover data set includes twelve categories, all interpreted from the AVHRR imagery. Focus of this paper is on the vegetation and land cover classification, raster to vector conversion of the data to make the set more suitable for GIS integration, generalization for cartographic presentations and an example of its use in re-processing Census of Agriculture data to a biophysical (Soil Landscapes of Canada) framework for soil quality evaluation.

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